Upward view of highrise building for land use

Established in 2021, CL Hatcher, LLC specializes in providing Administrative Law, Land Use & Zoning, and Government Relations services to clients throughout the Maryland and Washington areas. CL Hatcher, LLC has extensive experience representing clients throughout the DC Area and Prince George’s County. Our unique client-focused approach ensures that every matter is handled efficiently and completely. The objective is always the same: advocating on your behalf avariciously and creatively. 

As a firm, CL Hatcher LLC can help you define your project to narrow down the scope to its most relevant aspects. Alternatively, we can also notify you of additional issues that you may have not considered. Real estate is an often complex area of law that often involves multiple competencies –especially in the Washington, DC area. The following is a small example of the different ideas that you may encounter in your intended plans:

  • Affordable housing
  • Annexation
  • Real Estate Condemnation
  • Development Districts
  • Due Diligence
  • Easements
  • Historic Preservation
  • Land use Covenants
  • Master Plans
  • Permits
  • Traffic and Public Transportation
  • Variances